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“This question is really common in job interviews,” said company president Bob. “How do you deal with stress in the workplace?”

The “sample interview question and answer” is a very common question that many people have been asking. This article provides a really good answer to the question.

Readers, I hope this doesn’t bother you. These days, I’m drawn to LinkedIn’s response areas, and I was perusing there when this conversation arose. I believe it is important to share.

The inquiry was as follows:

Any advice for someone who has a notepad full of potentially unique storefront company, product, and Web 2.0 concepts but no prior entrepreneurial experience in deciding which to pursue first?

And here’s Nina Yablock’s response (I don’t know her, but I really appreciate her answer). www.bizblawg.com is her blog):

Jonathan, I’d add “the simplest” to Steve’s response, which would include “least costly,” since obtaining and securing money is tough. But it’s also the one that requires the least amount of outside assistance.

But, if you have notebooks full of ideas, as you claim, here’s how I recommend you make your decision. It’s 2 p.m. on Tuesday. Put the notebooks away; don’t look at them today or tomorrow. Don’t jot down any more thoughts. Pay attention to what’s going on around you. Place a pen and paper near your bed tomorrow night.

Then, when you wake up on Thursday morning, jot down the first three to five thoughts that come to mind, even before you get out of bed. Take those three to five ideas and investigate them further. You said that you are in charge of both planning and implementation. So, make a strategy for how you’ll carry them out. Just some scribbles. What would it take in terms of time, money, and skill to put each of these into action? Remove the ones you can’t figure out how to put into practice. I’m sure one or two of them will climb to the top.

If there are two of them, toss a coin.

Ideas, on the whole, are plentiful. See how many individuals have “amazing,” “terrific,” “impossible to fail” ideas but can’t accomplish anything with them by reading these Q&A. Is it such a good idea to offer hamburgers in a consistent and uniform manner? But take a look at what Ray Kroc accomplished with the concept. So it doesn’t matter which concept you choose; what matters is that you choose one and go with it.

In fact, if you put each concept on a 3-by-5 index card and throw them down a flight of stairs, picking the one that lands on the highest step, you’ll be in better condition than you would be with all of the world’s notebooks full of ideas.

That is an excellent response.

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