A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Sports Betting Odds

There are several parameters that can pop into mind when it comes to defining what a successful sports bettor means. However, one of the underestimated aspects of any punter’s activity is their experience with odds. At the 1xbit crypto website, you can adjust the data view to one of the three formats — American, decimal, and fractional odds.

Reading and understanding any of those may seem like a touch chore, but it is worth it. Not only does it assist in capitalizing on and identifying the betting line value, but it helps determine the right bet size and potential payouts.

The Correlation Between Payouts and Winning Odds at 1xbit1.com

No matter what odds format you consider for data analysis and well-informed bets on the platform, they all represent the same thing — a specific amount punters can win if they place a wager on a certain outcome. You can convert fractional odds into decimal or moneyline, which showcases their identical meanings.

Here is how you can distinguish one format from another:

  • Decimal odds — one number that implies the potential return on a $1.
  • American odds — a number with a minus or plus sign that represents your potential return on a $100 bet.
  • Fractional odds — fractions to indicate the probability of a certain outcome and prospective winnings it it comes true.

Alternative Variations of Sports Betting Odds

Here are a few terms to be aware of to analyze the historical data on the interent casino platform more effectively:

  • Total betting odds — these numbers define the likelihood of a certain score receivined during the target competition. It offers under and over options to determine the underdog and winner of the event, accordingly.
  • Parlay betting odds — designed specifically for parlay bets and define the wins for two or more wagers.


Still, bettors commonly feel confused since the variety of betting odd formats seems way more extended. The thing is that the same things have a few titles:

  • Fractional odds mean the same as traditional and British odds.
  • American odds and moneyline odds determine -100 and similar winning chances.
  • European, continental, and digital odds are synonyms to decimal odds in the market.

What Sports Betting Odds to Choose

The cases below doesn’t mean you have to follow them to the full. If you find any format more convenient and understandable than others, go for it.


The key is to gain an efficient tools to calculate your winning chances with a nice degree of accuracy:

  • American odds are traditional for punters in the USA.
  • If you are interested in Irish and British betting markets, consider fractional odds.
  • Decimal odds are universal and beloved for their straightforward nature in calculations.

Key Takeaways

By understanding the difference between different types of odds, you can streamline this learning curve and start implementing the results of data analysis with odds in mind right away. On the 1xbit site, you can easily adjust the odds scale.

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