How Can You Tell if Shopkins Are Rare?

Shopkins, collectible miniature toys shaped like grocery store items, have captured the hearts of children and collectors alike. Each Shopkin is uniquely designed and features various characters, ranging from sweet fruits and vegetables to decadent desserts and savory snacks.

Among these playful characters, some Shopkins are considered rare and coveted by collectors for their uniqueness and value. With that, we’ll help you understand how to identify these rare treasures.

Compare with Online Databases

Online databases and fan sites provide comprehensive information about every Shopkin ever released, including details on complete Shopkins sets. These resources can be particularly useful for verifying the rarity of a Shopkin, especially for those characters that might not be listed in the most recent collector’s guides.

Engage with the Collector Community

The Shopkins collector community is vibrant and knowledgeable. Engaging with other collectors through forums, social media groups, and fan pages can provide insights into identifying rare Shopkins. Experienced collectors can offer tips and advice based on their collecting journeys, which is invaluable for newcomers.

Watch for Market Trends

Finally, monitoring market trends can help collectors identify rare Shopkins. Certain characters may become desirable over time, increasing their rarity and value. Auction sites and collector marketplaces are good places to monitor these trends, as they indicate which Shopkins are currently considered rare by the community.

Recognize the Rarity Categories

Shopkins are categorized into different levels of rarity that indicate how likely you are to find a particular character in a random pack. These categories are Common, Exclusive, Limited Edition, Rare, Special Edition, and Ultra Rare. Understanding these categories is crucial in identifying whether a Shopkin is just another cute figure or a rare gem.

Limited Edition Shopkins

Limited Edition Shopkins is the most elusive and rare of the series. They are produced in limited quantities, sometimes as few as just 100 pieces worldwide. These Shopkins often come with a special finish that makes them stand out, such as a metallic or translucent material.


They are not only hard to find due to their limited production but also because they are often hidden in random blind packs, making them a delightful surprise for the collector.

Special Features and Finishes

Rare Shopkins are distinguished by unique features and finishes that set them apart from their common counterparts. For example, a Shopkin might have a glittery finish, holographic details, or other textural elements not found in regular Shopkins. These special features are a visual clue to their rarity and are highly prized among collectors.

Unique Mold Designs

Another indicator of a rare Shopkin is its design and mold. Some Shopkins feature molds not reused in other characters, making them unique. These can include Shopkins with accessories, unique poses, or distinctive artistic elements not typically seen in the common categories.

Check the Collector’s Guide

Every Shopkin comes with a collector’s guide, an essential tool for any collector aiming to identify the rarity of their figures. This guide lists all the Shopkins released in each season and their names, categories, and rarity levels. By consulting the guide, collectors can quickly ascertain whether they have a common Shopkin or a rare find.

Serial Numbers and Production Codes

Limited-edition Shopkins are often accompanied by a serial number that indicates their production run. For example, a Shopkin might be marked as “001 of 250,” signifying it is the first in a limited run of 250 pieces. These numbers indicate rarity and are often sought by seasoned collectors.

Packaging and Distribution

Their packaging can sometimes identify Rare Shopkins. Limited Edition Shopkins, for instance, might come in special packaging that is different from the standard blind bags or baskets.


Additionally, rare Shopkins are only available in specific regions or stores, adding to their rarity and desirability.

Final Say

Collecting Shopkins can be a delightful hobby, particularly when you know how to spot the rare and valuable ones among them. By understanding the rarity categories, checking the collector’s guide, and engaging with the community, collectors can enhance their chances of identifying these prized possessions. Whether through the thrill of the hunt in blind packs or meticulous research online, finding a rare Shopkin is always a rewarding experience for collectors of all ages.

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