4 Quotes From Successful Small Business Founders

The founder of this article, a small business owner himself, has compiled four quotes from successful entrepreneurs. These are some of the best advice for starting your own small business.

The powerful business quotes are a collection of 4 quotes from successful small business founders.

Web Ninja’s Bruce Carr, on the left.

Are you prepared to launch your company this year? It may be beneficial to hear from small company owners who have been successful in bringing their business ideas to life and bringing them to fruition.

Over the last year, these four entrepreneurs have shared their success stories with our LivePlan team. Here’s a look at what they did to make their companies go from a napkin sketch to a reality.

Allison Reitz and Good Elephant community yoga

Allison Reitz teaches a communal yoga session at Good Elephant.

Choosing the appropriate business concept

“It’s so simple to promote yoga because it’s so pure—I’m not even advertising the company.” The only thing we’re preaching is awareness. As a result, we never have any reservations about what we’re doing. It simply seems like service rather than business to me.” Allison Reitz, Good Elephant’s creator

Some entrepreneurs and small company owners claim that business ideas simply appear—all it’s about taking a hobby or talent to the next level. Good Elephant’s potential to be a successful, long-term business began with Allison’s exploration of various business models and the testing of new concepts as the company grew.

The Trots Dogs squad, led by Joanna Stanford.

Making quick business choices using data and analytics

“The most significant statistic I look at is how much money each service brings in and how much money it earns us on a monthly basis,” she adds. “So, if one particular training program isn’t doing well, isn’t helping people, or isn’t generating enough revenue, we can modify it accordingly.” Trots Dogs’ founder, Joanna Stanford

The simpler it is to observe how your company finances are doing, the more likely you are to examine them and react to issues and opportunities. Joanna has been able to minimize some of the risks that any business confronts just by keeping on top of the statistics as she tries to develop and scale her dog walking, boarding, and training business.

Bruce Carr of WebNinja

Web Ninja’s Bruce Carr.

Regularly Analysing your company strategy improves your transparency.

He adds, “The strategy gets people talking.” “‘I’ll commit to doing this, this, and this,’ you say. ‘Have we considered that?’ or ‘Have we considered that?’ Let’s have a conversation about it. Set a goal for yourself. Put someone in charge of it.’ It’s fantastic.” Web Ninja’s founder, Bruce Carr

How will you ensure that you achieve your company objectives this year? Regular business plan analysis—monthly or quarterly—allow you to evaluate your statistics and modify your approach on a regular basis. It’s made a significant impact for Bruce and his Web Ninja crew.

Even if you’re a one-person team, talking through your strategy with a business mentor or someone you trust may help you see how your actual outcomes compare to what you predicted. You’ll be able to make rapid changes, establish new milestones and objectives, and avoid stumbling blocks like a cash flow problem.

Capitol Cider’s Jared Fackrell.

A successful company never stops planning.

“An Eisenhower phrase goes, ‘Plans are worthless, but planning is indispensable,’” explains Jared Fackrell. “I believe that is correct. Everything is always changing. We won’t really know which way we’re going to take it until the doors are open.” Capitol Cider’s founder, Jared Fackrell

Jared was ready to open the doors of his brand new Capitol Cider store when our LivePlan team spoke with him. He created a business plan to assist him not just communicate his vision to supporters, but also to validate his concept—to see whether his vision of an unpretentious, locally produced cider house could be a lucrative and successful company.

However, the first stage of company planning is just the beginning. A healthy, growing company is always revisiting and improving its strategic plan, which we call Lean Planning.

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Successful small business founders know that the key to success is not always about how much money you make, but how well you do your job.

Reference: quotes about small business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an entrepreneur quote?

A person who organizes and manages a business venture, typically with the goal of making a profit.

What are the best business quotes?

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. If you dont have time to do it right, when will you find the time to do it over? No matter how good your ideas are, theyre useless if you cant get anyone else on board.

What it takes to be an entrepreneur quotes?

The worst thing about being an entrepreneur is that youre always the smartest person in the room.

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