Why should anyone follow your business on Twitter?

Twitter has a huge following, and it is the perfect place to share your company’s progress or gain insight from industry experts. Follow these 5 simple steps to get started today!

Brands use Twitter to engage with their followers and build a following. They can also use it to drive traffic back to the website or blog. Read more in detail here: how do brands use twitter.

Why-should-anyone-follow-your-business-on-TwitterIf you operate a company, you’ve undoubtedly heard that if you want to succeed, you need to “do social media.” Create a Facebook profile and a Twitter account, and begin accumulating “likes” and followers, and the money will begin to flow.

But have you ever stopped to consider why? Why would someone be interested in following my business?

Turning the question around on yourself is a nice approach to respond. Why would you want to follow a company on Twitter?

The major reasons consumers follow companies, according to this infographic, are to be updated about product changes and corporate activities, as well as to obtain special offers and discounts. However, we are aware that Twitter users do not desire a constant assault of product marketing.

So, how can you grow a Twitter following, connect with those followers, and offer them what they want? You can’t just tweet when there’s a deal or a new product, because how frequently does that happen? Before following an account, many Twitter users check to see when their most recent tweet was and how active they are. A tweet every two months, for example, indicates that you’re not serious about Twitter and can’t be depended on to provide any value. On the other side, constantly tweeting about your product implies that you aren’t interested in communicating with your followers and are just focused in selling, selling, selling.

What’s the best way to walk the line? How do you stay active without being spammy, and how do you keep your followers engaged enough in what you tweet that they listen when you offer a great deal?

The trick is to have faith. A company that creates material that is linked to what they offer but isn’t necessarily focused at marketing their product is gaining followers’ trust. If you follow @Bplans on Twitter, for example, you’ll get a constant stream of information on establishing and maintaining a small company. We sometimes include links to this blog or our collection of articles in our posts. Most of the time, though, we tweet links to articles, blogs, and news that we’ve come across on the Internet. We share it if it seems to be something that a Bplans visitor would be interested in. We also provide unique deals and discounts from time to time.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you utilize Twitter to interact with present and future customers:

  • On the Internet, there are a million different sources of information. It’s self-serving and blatant to link just to your own website.
  • Providing new, high-quality information about your topic matter demonstrates that you’re involved, not simply faking it for a buck.
  • The “social” component of social media is all about starting discussions by sharing and commenting on other people’s material.
  • Responding to tweets and connecting with followers in a genuine way helps you seem more “authentic,” which encourages loyalty.
  • After you’ve given someone useful information, they’ll be more receptive to what more you have to say.

Sharing knowledge and establishing yourself as an expert in your subject can help you build trust with your consumers and followers. Engaging with them honestly will make your company seem more personal, making it simpler for customers to remain loyal to you. And one of the pillars of long-lasting brands is trust and loyalty.

So, to return to the original issue, why should someone follow your company on Twitter? The solution is simple if you’re doing it correctly: you’re a valuable producer of material people desire.

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The “challenges of using twitter” is a question that many business owners ask themselves. There are many benefits to following and retweeting your business on Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should my business follow on Twitter?

A: Your best bet would be to follow some influencers on Twitter, as they will often have a lot of followers and good engagement. You should also look at the analytics page for your account; that is where youll find who influences people in regards to their purchases. If theres not enough social data available, then it might be worth following brands that are relevant to what youre selling.

What are the benefits of Twitter for business?

A: For businesses that are using Twitter, there are a number of benefits. Many people will follow your account and engage with you on the platform because they trust it to be free from spam or fake accounts. You can also connect with other like-minded individuals who have similar interests in order to grow your following as well as find new followers for yourself. Additionally, unlike most social networks out there, Twitter allows users to send direct messages which enables better customer service options than what is offered through email alone without having to pay additional fees

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