Website madness, or How I discovered Yahoo has maps.

Yahoo was a popular internet destination for as long as I can remember. However, when I typed in the address bar on Yahoo today it led me to Maps – surprising! What happened? And why do you need maps of your own website at all?

The “yahoo advanced search” is a website that allows users to find information about people and places. Yahoo has maps, which is what I discovered when I tried to find directions from my home in Chicago to the United States Capitol Building.

A web designer is one of my closest friends. She’s also a really excellent one. She works as a freelancer for a firm that specializes in creating websites for real estate firms.

She asked me last night whether I favored Google maps or Yahoo! maps.

“Yahoo has maps?” you may wonder. In my Yahoo! Instant Messenger window, I asked her.

“Yes? “You weren’t aware of this?” She returned the compliment.

“Obviously not,” says the narrator.

This signifies a number of things to me. For starters, I’m not as perceptive as I thought I was. Second, I’m plainly a fan of Google’s kool-aid. Finally, Yahoo! has maps!

It seems to be a pretty popular map service as well. She showed me a variety of add-ons for the Yahoo! map software that people have built to generate fascinating maps for websites. (An apartment building’s website features a map that shows all of the neighborhood’s greatest take-out eateries! That’s fantastic! Please add me to the list.)

I suppose I should have known they had maps; after all, I’m always on the Yahoo! top page. Now that I know it’s there, I can choose MAPS from the alphabetical list on the sidebar.

So why hadn’t I noticed that they had maps available on their website?

The usability of a website is crucial. Make sure you don’t go too far. Offer a limited number of items and services so that they don’t get lost in the shuffle. Bright colors, flashing buttons, and pointing arrows. Sometimes they’re merely there to divert your customer’s attention away from the crucial task at hand: purchasing your goods.

So here’s the fortune cookie for this lesson: Keep in mind that the woodland is often lost due to those pesky trees.


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Yahoo has maps. Yahoo Maps is a website that allows users to search for places and see satellite images of those places. It also includes directions, reviews, and other information about the location. Reference: yahoo maps.

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