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The Traveling Tribe: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Traveling is one of the most exhilarating and exhausting experiences in life, whether it’s a cross-country trip or a family vacation. What are some tips for traveling?

“The Traveling Tribe: Planes, Trains and Automobiles” is a book written by John Steinbeck. The book follows 3 characters throughout their journey as they make their way from California to New York.

My pals are jealous of my schedule, I believe. They aren’t supposed to be. There are many days when I wish I could exchange, although traveling from afar might seem to be enjoyable. Flying across the nation for business meetings looked intriguing while I was in business school. I used to do the hard work and watch while my management team flew across the nation to meet with customers when I first began my profession. That was a job I really wanted. I wanted to wake up in a new city, explore new neighborhoods, and travel.

My desire was granted during the previous ten years. I’ve had to travel to practically every state in the US as part of my sales management duties. I’ve visited any medium-sized city that is at least 100 miles from the closest airport. Most likely twice! Traveling for work, much to my dismay, is far from glamourous. Unless you’re talking about the really accurate Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, that’s not how they make it appear in the movies.

I travel all over the nation as the Director of Sales for Palo Alto Software, meeting with our retail, affiliate, and reseller partners. I’ll be in San Jose, Miami (not complaining), Raleigh, Chicago, and probably someplace in Georgia during the next two weeks. My travel schedule is sporadic, and I am now in one of those sporadic periods.

One of the benefits of traveling so often is that I’ve honed my state-jumping skills. There are folks that breeze through security, know precisely where to pick up their rental vehicle, and check into hotels in under a minute when they get at the airport. I’m now a member of this tribe. The planning is everything when it comes to work trip. You, too, may be a member of the nomadic tribe if you follow a few easy rules:

  • Make sure your frequent-miles programs are in order. You’ll be on the road for weeks, if not months, of the year; be sure you’re accumulating points for a future trip. (every 10th stay earns you a free night), Alaska Airlines, and Enterprise Rental are three of my favorite programs.
  • Prepare yourself for the metal detector. Before you go to the airport, empty your pockets. Dress in a pair of slip-on dress shoes. Remove your wristwatch. Please remove your handgun from your backpack and avoid wearing clothing with large metal buttons. Linen pants would be a great option. (I’ve been in line behind three individuals who have forgotten their pistol in their handbag, which drives security personnel insane.)
  • Make use of an online trip planner. There are several software tools available to assist you in planning your vacation (I use TripIt). Who am I renting a vehicle from, what are the flight timings, delays, and hotel locations? All of my trip information is neatly stored in a single phone app.
  • Arrive at your meeting the night before. It’s tempting to travel early in the morning before a conference, but it’s quite dangerous. Flights might be delayed, GPS instructions can get muddled, and traffic can be a nightmare. Traveling across the nation to miss a meeting is inconvenient and time-consuming.
  • In the security queue, stay away from families. If you have an option, choose the line without children. Even if the other queue is twice as long as yours, you will always finish ahead of the poor mother who is attempting to assist her children through security. Metal items of all shapes and sizes may be found in the pockets of children. (This might be the subject of a future blog entry)

I hope these hints may assist you in planning your next vacation. Please feel free to share your finest travel tips and recommendations if you are a member of my traveling clan.

Good luck on your journey…

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