Great Customer Service Makes a Difference for Elkhorn

Elkhorn, a small family-owned company in New Hampshire, is known for its quality products and customer service. The company has been around since 1872, making it one of the oldest companies in the United States.

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In my blog articles, I like sharing excellent customer service stories? Why? Because I want corporate decision-makers to understand that putting a little additional effort into customer service pays off, and the free exposure is a great way to reward excellent customer service. This article was particularly enjoyable for me to write since it includes a hobby of mine: fly fishing.

Last year, I was searching for a decent “backup” fly fishing rod and came across a tiny Colorado business called Elkhorn Fly Rod & Reel. I kept seeing the Elkhorn name pop up on online fly fishing forums, so I decided to check out what they had to offer. Elkhorn isn’t as well-known as Sage or G Loomis, but I decided to take a risk on one of their Nomad rods and T Series reels since they seemed to be a decent bargain, plus I prefer to support small local companies wherever possible.

My rod and reel came promptly, and I was pleasantly pleased by the high quality of both, especially given the rod and reel’s cheap price. My $600 G Loomis rod looked nearly as nice as my “backup” rod. Elkhorn also included a high-quality rod holder with the rod, which I liked. I was already a satisfied client at this time. Because this isn’t a fly fishing blog, I’ll stick to the customer service tale and skip the rod and reel review.

A few days after receiving my purchase, it occurred to me that my gleaming new reel needed a cover. Because reel covers are often included with orders, I decided to contact Elkhorn to ensure that I didn’t lose out on a reel cover that should have come with my purchase. So I dialed Elkhorn’s number. Brian Chavet, the owner of Elkhorn, surprised me by picking up the phone. I knew he did it often, but it took me off surprise. I inquired about a reel cover for my reel, and he politely informed that one is not included with the reel I purchased. Given the price of the reel, I was satisfied with this response. Brian has volunteered to mail me a reel cover. I was hesitant at first because I assumed he would charge me for the cover plus shipping, which I could easily buy locally at a lower price. When Brian volunteered to give me the cover for free and mail it at his cost, I was totally taken aback. Brian’s customer service approach had already converted me into a lifelong client and advocate for his goods at this point. But the tale doesn’t stop there.


My reel cover came promptly, and Brian didn’t attempt to save money by shipping it the cheapest way possible. It was a high-quality cover that matched the reel to a tee. I was once again blown away by the contents of the box, which included a “Courtesy Card” (shown above) with Brian’s name and phone number, as well as eight fly fishing flies suitable for the waters I fish. In a nearby fly fishing store, a fly fishing fly is around $2, thus this is definitely a $15 value. The reel cover and accompanying flies left an indelible impact on me, enough to inspire me to write a tale worth sharing.

Brian’s dedication to providing excellent customer service has made me a loyal Elkhorn client for life. In the future, I’ll purchase another rod or reel from Brian. Better still, it produced a compelling narrative that has compelled me to share it. A tale like this may help you market your goods. Brian can compete with bigger businesses like Sage and G Loomis by using his company’s modest size to offer a personal touch – the sort of customer service that larger companies struggle to provide. Brian and Elkhorn should be able to keep it up as the company develops.

It makes a difference when you provide excellent customer service. Brian, thank you very much!

Cale Bruckner is a composer who lives in New York City.

A great customer experience is what makes a difference for Elkhorn. They have built their company on providing excellent service to their customers. Reference: what is great customer experience.

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