Get Your Cafe Business Up and Running with These Handy Resources

With a cafe business, it is important to have a well-thought out plan. You need to know what you want your cafe to be and how you will achieve this goal. When it comes to starting a cafe, there are many resources that can help you get started on the right foot.

The coffee shop departments are a great way to start a coffee shop. They include everything from the espresso machine to the barista station.

Coffee Shop

This post is part of our Cafe Business Startup Guide, which is a collection of articles to assist you in planning, starting, and growing your cafe.

Whether you’re just starting started on your goal of establishing a coffee shop or you’re the world’s best barista, there’s certain to be a resource you’ll find useful.

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Pay attention and listen.

YouTube Channel for My Cafe Supplies

This Australian couple owns and operates a cafe as well as a website that sells cafe supplies. Their YouTube channel has simple videos with first-hand guidance on operating a café, as well as helpful accounting hints and great product evaluations.

Podcast about coffee that’s awesome

Bjrg Brend Laird hosts this monthly program that delves into hot issues in the coffee business. For the deeper information, Bjrg also consults industry specialists.


Web Forum of Sweet Maria 

Sweet Maria’s Coffee is an online reseller of green coffee (unroasted, unprocessed coffee beans) and coffee equipment with an active online community. The forum is a great area to delve into the weeds of discussions on different kinds of coffee, roasting methods, and shop equipment.

Discussions at CoffeeGeek

CoffeeGeek is an online community and resource site featuring a forum devoted to all things coffee, as well as an international section where you may meet individuals from across the world. They also provide a variety of materials, including a podcast and in-depth how-to tutorials.

Check out their advice on how to choose the finest espresso machine for your company.


The Specialty Coffee Association of America is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting specialty coffee in the

The Specialty Coffee Association of America is a trade association based in the United States that focuses on a wide range of problems in the coffee business, such as sourcing, equipment, and retailing.

Through membership, courses, and their yearly expo, which is one of the world’s biggest coffee symposiums, this group aims to educate company owners and purchasers.

Resources from the National Coffee Association

The National Coffee Association is likewise a trade group in the United States, although it has a somewhat different emphasis. It is more consumer-oriented and focuses on promoting and marketing coffee consumption in order to keep the coffee industry alive and well.

A company directory of members and a market research library are among the industry tools available.

Regular reads that are fantastic

Roast Magazine is a publication dedicated to the art of

Roast Magazine is a bimonthly trade publication that covers the latest news in the coffee business, as well as data on the sector’s development. You may read and subscribe to the magazine online.

Fresh Cup Magazine is a publication that focuses on coffee. 

Fresh Cup is a narrative-driven online magazine that covers a wide range of coffee industry issues, from company operations to the importance of teas and tisanes in the sector.

Case studies and articles on best practices may be found in their Cafe Basics section.

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The cafe bistro business plan pdf is a free resource for those who want to start a cafe or bistro. It includes everything from the initial idea and how to set up your cafe, to what equipment you will need and how much it will cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What resources are needed to run a coffee shop?

Some coffee shops may need to invest in a roaster and barista, as well as espresso machines. Other coffee shops may not require additional equipment, since they only serve drinks and pastries.

How do I promote my cafe business?

Promote your cafe business for free by placing a sign in the window of your cafe.

How do I get a cafe up and run?

The best way to get a cafe up and running is by finding an abandoned building that you can use for your business. You will need to find a legal owner of the building in order to lease it from them, then you can set up shop!

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