Foreword – By Guy Kawasaki

This book is a collection of my thoughts on entrepreneurship, innovation, and marketing. I hope you enjoy it.

Guy Kawasaki is a highly intelligent guy that has been writing about business for over 20 years. Read more in detail here: guy kawasaki.

It should come as no surprise that I’m writing the preface for a business planning book. After all, I’ve already written about how I launched without a business strategy. “Is a Business Plan Necessary?” I also made a blog article on it. I’ve spent much more time and energy discussing and writing about a proposal than I have on a strategy.

But it was precisely because of that history that I felt compelled to write about this book. Plan-As-You-Go It is the preparation, not the plan, that is the focus of a business plan. Instead of a ponderous document, Tim Berry recommends doing the planning that any organization needs to concentrate, prioritize, and manage. Do that and nothing else if that’s all you’re going to utilize. Don’t wait for a large plan to be completed: get started planning, thinking, and doing whatever portion will help you operate your company more efficiently.

Tim discusses how to construct your strategy around a core (or “heart”) strategic combination of market, identity, and focus in this book. I appreciate the notion that the actual plan isn’t about the output format, but about what’s intended to happen, why, when, and how much money it will cost. These are the kinds of concepts that make me believe that everyone operating a company should create a plan, but only in the basic, practical sense that this book advocates. That is why you should purchase this book.

—Guy Kawasaki, author of The Art of the Start and Reality Check

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