Content Can be a Lonely, Useless King

Content is king. It has been the driving force behind the rise of digital media and the internet as a whole. But content can be a lonely, useless king if it’s not marketed correctly. This article examines how to market your content in order to maximize its potential.

Content can be a lonely, useless king. It is easy to get lost in the world of content and forget about people who are trying to connect with you.

The term “content is king” is undoubtedly familiar to you. On The Viral Garden this morning, I read Mack Collier’s article “The notion that ‘content is king’ in blogging is utter bulls***.” He has a clear reminder there–a photo of an empty theater–that content means nothing if no one sees it.

Many bloggers consider their blog to be their performance space. That’s not a problem. However, it is illogical to stand behind a podium, begin speaking, and expect the room to fill with a rapt audience. Today, Chris Brogan wrote a fantastic article about this (also see @KathySierra’s comment), and one of the points he made was that the difference between an audience and a community is the direction in which the chairs are facing. When they desire an engaged and passionate community, many bloggers behave as though they are speaking to an audience. The concept of “content being king” contributes to this mismatch.

This is a great reminder for anybody trying to create a content-based company. To make it work, you’ll need a marketing plan. Make sure you know what kind of person or company you’re attempting to contact, what message you want to send them, and how you’re going to deliver that message to them.

Mack brings up an interesting but crucial issue regarding the “social” in social media. It’s all about commenting, engaging, and building community in his universe, which is essentially the same thing as marketing. Is marketing, in reality, a big part of a lot of content-driven one-person businesses?

Mack, I appreciate it.

I looked over some of the postings when I was visiting the Viral Garden. Then I added that site to my Up and Running blogroll. It’s all good. While adding the link, I was amused to see that his URL there is “moblogsmoproblems.” Hmmm… I can easily understand the conditions under which someone could register that name. But that’s for another article.

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