A List of 8 Types of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are people who create new businesses and products in order to make money. These 8 types of entrepreneurs all have their own unique characteristics, but they also share some common traits that can help you when considering what career path to take.

The “4 types of entrepreneurs” are the founders, the visionary, the hustler and the loner. The first type is a founder who has a vision for what they want to create and they have the skills to make it happen. The second type is a visionary who can see things that others cannot. The third type is a hustler who knows how to work hard and get things done. Lastly, there is the loner who does not need anyone else in order to be successful.

It’s critical, in my opinion, to appreciate how unique each business is. I’ve written about how varied startups can be on my site. So I enjoyed reading The Cheap Revolution’s piece “Entrepreneurial categories: short descriptions and poll” on how they categorize entrepreneurs into eight distinct sorts.

I couldn’t locate my precise kind, which is a blend of passion maven, expert idea generator, and freedom builder, in the list, but I assume it’s a mix of passion maven, expert idea generator, and freedom builder.

1. Rapidly grow in size (Scale is the tagline) Commentary: I’ve met a few student entrepreneurs that suit this description. Their boundless optimism and excitement have a negative side.

2. Industrialist/Freedom Builder (Tagline: Creating Value in Emerging Markets) Commentary: This entrepreneur brings commercial expertise to a new enterprise but sometimes experiences a cultural clash when he or she transfers from more conventional business settings to the fast-paced technological realm.

3. Mavens of Passion (Tagline: Change the World) Commentary: These are typically folks who are compassionate, caring, and full of hope. Defining a clear value proposition, a go-to-market plan, or a company model are all things they often need to fill.

The Spice of Lifers are a group of people that want to spice up their lives (Tagline: Play for Synergy) Commentary: This entrepreneur is looking for a second profession and is eager to devote nights and weekends to researching, planning, and pursuing his ambition. Due to time restrictions, they frequently recognize the need for, and seek out, a team to assist them in achieving their objective.

5. Entrepreneur on their own (Tagline: Independence) Commentary: The cornerstones of the solopreneur are independence and balance. They appreciate working in groups, but as a “virtual team member,” they will preserve their distance. They often need assistance with infrastructure.

Expert Idea Generator, No. 6 (With the tagline “Immortality via Ideas”) Commentary: The world’s genuine innovators are motivated to create: they create to improve, improve to assist, and help to be recognized. They may labor tirelessly if they want to be the next Dean Kamen (Segway) or Thomas Edison. Communication abilities are often areas where improvements may be made.

7. Technologist/Builder of Freedom (Tagline: Believable Growth) Commentary: Typically, these entrepreneurs have grown up in a corporation’s cocoon until they find they have wings. To flesh up their technical skills, they often pursue business degrees right before or after leaving the corporate sphere.

8. A Competitor Who Is Serious (Tagline: Play to Win) Commentary: This group reflects the venture capitalist’s favorite entrepreneur. They’re usually extremely conceptual, quick on their feet, and know a lot about the industries they’re interested in. They see and ride waves, and they all seem to have a formula for “companies that succeed,” as far as I can tell (but not always the same one).

Take a look at the list. What role do you play? Take the Team and a Dream poll by clicking here. Alternatively, go here for additional information on the kinds, including questions.

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The “20 types of entrepreneurship” is a list that is comprised of eight different types of entrepreneurs. The following are the eight types:
1) Startups, 2) Social Entrepreneurs, 3) Nonprofit Entrepreneurs, 4) Philanthropists, 5) Affiliates, 6) Consultants, 7) Creative Entrepreneurs, 8) Corporate Entrepreneurs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 10 types of entrepreneur?

A: The 10 types of entrepreneur are the founders, investors, businesspeople and those who manage others.

What are the 9 types of entrepreneurship?

A: There are nine different types of entrepreneurship, some more common than others. Each one defines a certain kind of entrepreneur and what they do, who their market is and how they work to make money.

What are the 7 types of entrepreneurs?

A: Entrepreneur is a person who creates something new and attempts to turn it into a successful endeavor.
These 7 types of entrepreneurs are the following:
1) An entrepreneur can be an individual or group member who starts their own business. 2) A government official or administrator who runs free market activities in order for economic growth and development 3) A technological innovator that leads to product developments 4) One with exceptional managerial skills, which often happen due to training 5) Someone with the ability to bring people together 6 ) Business owners like retailers, wholesalers, importers/exporters etc.) 7). Someone else

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