How to Differentiate Your Business From the Competition

There are many ways to differentiate your business from the competition, but not all of them will work for every company. Here are some ways you can distinguish yourself by looking at competitors and their strengths.

Something that sets your business apart from competitors is called a something. What is it?

I went out the other night at my favorite sushi place. We go there often since my kid and I both like their rolls, particularly the Signature Dynamite Roll.

As a marketer, I couldn’t help but observe that others must share our enthusiasm as the tiny boats sailed about carrying different meals. Our favorite rolls were plentiful on the boats.

Despite this, the sign outside advertised their outstanding service. Don’t get me wrong: their service is outstanding! However, the issue with bragging about quality and service is that these are expectations rather than differences.

So, if you just had a few words on a sign, what would you emphasize about your business? To put it another way, what makes you really unique?

I can tell you this: nine times out of ten, it’s in the small things. I’ve done numerous surveys for my clients, asking their consumers these very specific questions, and I can tell you this: it’s in the little things. So, how do you figure out what makes you unique?

Inquire of your customers

Your customers are the best people to tell you about your strengths. Inquire as to why you were chosen in the first place. Inquire as to why they keep doing business with you. Inquire about how they would describe why you are exceptional to others. The most terrifying thing we can do is think we understand what makes ourselves unique.

Frustrations in the Industry

Here’s something to think about: Inquire of others (including your customers) about what irritates them about individuals in your business. If they stay extremely courteous, remove yourself from the situation and ask them what it is about your rivals that bothers them. If you’re good at probing and discovering the source of a problem, you’ll be able to convert your irritation into a distinct selling point. As an example, consider the following: In Calgary, a lawyer representing a major corporation asked his clients why they liked doing business with him. He was told again and over that they thought he kept them informed.

Surprisingly, one of the most common complaints individuals have about attorneys is the sense that they aren’t being given the full picture. This may have shown itself in a variety of ways, such as “I don’t trust them” or “Their service is terrible.” It takes more probing to get to the bottom of the mistrust and understand that it’s a communication problem. This lawyer had discovered a “small thing” that set him apart from his competitors in the eyes of prospective clients.

So go out and figure out what makes you really unique. It’s one of the cheapest methods to get a leg up on your competition.

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