Customer Service is the new PR

What if customer service reps were just as good at public relations? With the emergence of social media, companies are now forced to be more open and transparent with their audience. Reputation management is not just about who you say you are, but what people see and hear from your company through interactions on your platform.

Public relations is a vital part of customer service. It allows companies to reach their customers in a more personal way, and it can also help them build the trust they need. Read more in detail here: importance of public relations in customer service.

Chris Brogan said that, not me, since he’s a clever person. “Customer service isn’t a chore,” he really stated. It’s the new PR,” and it’s true: your company’s public face, which is most likely your customer service/customer care department, is just as essential and vital to your survival as your public relations.

So, why do so many businesses make mistakes? is a well-known example of a business that prioritizes customer service. Cale Bruckner, our Vice President of Product Development, might tell you about a fly fishing business called Elkhorn Rod and Reel and how they helped him with a query regarding his brand new reel. Or consider one of the most well-known tales of all time: Nordstrom’s “Tire Return.”

Customer service does not always have to cost money. You are not required to provide free delivery, provide free goods, or accept a return on a product that you do not sell. Sometimes excellent customer service entails knowing your regular clients’ names, informing them that the shirt they’re considering purchasing will be on sale the following day, and in other cases, it just entails a grin and a good day.

Whatever it is, it is noticed, and that person will become an evangelist, who will then tell his other evangelists, and you can see where this is heading.

‘Palo Alto Software’s Social Media Marketing Manager, Chelle Parmele

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The “difference between public relations and customer relations” is a question that many people have been asking. The difference between the two is that customer service is focused on the needs of customers while PR focuses on the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is customer service related to public relations?

A: Customer service is not related to public relations. They are different functions that work together in most organizations, but customer service focuses on all the after-sales activities of an organization with a focus on resolving customer complaints and specific requests for help or information.

What is customer service in public relations?

A: Customer service in public relations is the process of meeting and satisfying consumer or client needs by addressing their concerns, resolving complaints, providing information on products or services, etc.

How customer service can impact on the public relations?

A: Public relations is a measurement of how well your company connects with the public and other companies. If you have service that goes wrong, then it would be highly unprofessional to ignore this situation and not address or rectify it as soon as possible. The main goal for any company should always be customer satisfaction, so if they want to improve their overall image in society they need to take care of these issues immediately

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