15 Videos for an Inspiring Start to 2015

Start your year off right with these amazing videos. We hope you find them as inspiring and encouraging as we did.

The “inspirational short videos download” is a list of 15 motivational videos for an inspiring start to 2015. The videos are short, so they can be watched in about 5 minutes.

People can now exchange fresh ideas from across the globe more readily than ever before, thanks to affordable and ubiquitous technology that are changing power relations.

Because we come across great material on a regular basis, we’ve produced a collection of 15 inspiring films that should inspire you to achieve and dream big in the next year.

1. The US Secretary of Commerce emphasizes the importance of women’s entrepreneurship in the economy.

Penny Pritzker, the United States Secretary of Commerce, is featured in this short film from Global Entrepreneurship Week. She emphasizes the need of fostering an atmosphere that encourages entrepreneurs to flourish, especially in war-torn countries. She also discusses the work of Women for Women International, an organization that assists women in crisis zones develop companies and become economically self-sufficient.

1.16 minutes of video

Penny Pritzker has a Twitter account. 

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2. The Empowerment Plan offers a business concept that makes a difference in people’s lives.

The Empowerment Plan is a business strategy that develops a product for the homeless while simultaneously employing a group of people from that community. When founder Veronika Scott came up with the concept for her product, a coat that converts to a backpack and sleeping bag, she says the individuals she met with informed her that although it would be handy, what they truly needed was work. Her little contribution to the greater issue was to have the jackets made by women, usually single moms, from a nearby homeless shelter.

This film gives a glimpse into how this incredible opportunity has changed the lives of these ladies. “We’re a part of proving that everyone has worth… “They’re motivated, ecstatic, and a part of the process,” Scott explains.

6.03 minutes of video

@empowermentplan is Veronika Scott’s Twitter handle.

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3. “You Have the Ability to Learn Anything.”

Khan Academy is devoted to offering free online education, and this film highlights their inspirational “you can learn anything” slogan.

Seeing images of youngsters learning to accomplish things like gymnastics and algebra reminds you of your own learning experiences, and how things that were once difficult become accessible and even simple over time. The message to everyone that by taking online courses, they may access a world of knowledge at their fingertips is uplifting and inspirational.

1.30 minutes of video

@salkhanacademy is the Twitter handle of the academy’s founder, Salman Khan.

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4. Jeremy Heimans, co-founder of Avaaz, discusses how power is moving in our society.

When it comes to activism, Jeremy Heimans was a prodigy as a kid, and he’s maintained his efforts as an adult. Heimans has spent a lot of time and energy as the co-founder of Avaaz, a significant platform for internet activism, thinking about who has power in our society and how that has evolved through time. He discusses new and old kinds of power in this smart and valuable TED Talk, citing firms like AirBnb and numerous alternative financing sites as examples of new power structures with a broad reach and that make use of growing technology. This is a fun approach to think about how you may use some of these new types of power in your company.

15.12 minutes of video

@jeremyheimans is Jeremy Heimans’ Twitter handle.

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5. Paralympians show us that you can succeed even in the face of adversity.

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova runs with a prosthetic limb in this promotional video for the Sochi 2014 Paralympics. She imagines what her life would be like if she had a handicap and how difficult it must be. This makes seeing the incredible talented paralympians who are motivated to strive toward their objectives while managing their handicap as best they can all the more inspiring. If you’re having a bad day, watch this video to get yourself back in the game.

1.34 minutes of video

@NataSupernova is Natalia Vodianova’s Twitter handle.

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6. A microloan lender in Canada encourages individuals to “be their own boss.”

The proprietors of Victory Gardens are featured in this wonderful commercial film that shows how microloans appeal to people from all walks of life. We see microloan borrowers in the third world so frequently that it’s easy to forget that the fundamental reasoning applies everywhere and that many programs, like this one via Vancity, are open to individuals from all walks of life.

The video is 2.07 minutes long.

Vancity’s Twitter handle is @Vancity.

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7. Kare Anderson pushes us to be creators of opportunities.

Kare Anderson makes the argument for purposefully and actively seeking out relationships with individuals who are nothing like you in a comforting and encouraging message of cooperation and diversity. By doing so, you are attempting to create possibilities for you to combine your abilities with those of others. She believes that everyone has unique skills, and that the individuals who can build the finest teams are those that think outside the box to discover new ways of looking at the same challenges or approaches. She illustrates her argument by telling the vivid tale of a San Quentin convict.

9.50 minutes of video

Kare Anderson’s Twitter handle is @KareAnderson.

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8. Ursula K. Le Guin receives a prestigious industrial award and takes use of the opportunity to make a remark

Ursula Le Guin is a renowned science fiction novelist who received the National Book Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014, at the age of 85. Le Guin’s acceptance speech is tremendously motivating; not only is she self-assured and charming, but she also uses the occasion to advocate for what she thinks to be best practice in both her work and the rapidly changing publishing business. The ultimate effect is lovely, and I heartily suggest it to all readers, artists, and writers, regardless of industry.

6.08 minutes of video

Don’t be deceived by fake accounts; Le Guin does not use Twitter.

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9. “Eat, Pray, Love” author Elizabeth Gilbert explains how to keep pushing after both failure and success.

In this inspiring and inspirational TED Talk, Elizabeth Gilbert says, “I believe there is something in this world that you love more than you love yourself.” That is her attitude toward her profession, and it is one that has enabled her to stay on her chosen career path. Following the phenomenal success of one of her works, the prospect of writing another grew daunting. She feared, as many of us do after a big triumph, that there was nowhere to go but down. Her tale is centered on encouraging us to focus on what we actually like doing and to work for the benefit of ourselves and the job itself.

7.18 minutes of video

@GilbertLiz is Elizabeth Gilbert’s Twitter handle.

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10. Tim Berry busts business and startup misconceptions

Palo Alto Software’s creator, Tim Berry, is well-known for speaking out on topics related to smart entrepreneurship. He also regularly (and openly) offers practical and sometimes brutally honest advise. Tim debunks some of the most common business clichés in this video, and shares what he’s learned from firsthand experience about what won’t work or is just incorrect, as well as what does.

34.57 minutes of video

Tim Berry’s Twitter handle is @Timberry.

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11. Thai Life Insurance demonstrates that advertising can be an artistic endeavor.

It benefits us all to check our cynicism at the door and meditate on the minor significant things in life, particularly those of us who work in the typically fast-paced and self-focused corporate sector.

Thai Life Insurance advertising, designed by Bangkok-based firm Ogilvy & Mather, are noted for being both beautiful and emotive. If you’re in the advertising industry, you’ll recognize that this is a fantastic reputation to have. The commercial we’ve included, dubbed “Unsung Hero,” is basically a short video highlighting the power of simple acts of kindness in our lives. It also proves that even if the enterprise is for business, you can produce compelling media that brings people together.

3.05 minutes of video

@ThaiLifePlc @ThaiLifePlc @ThaiLifePlc @ThaiLifePlc @ (tweets in Thai)

Ogilvy & Mather’s Twitter handle is @OgilvyMather.

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12. Sarah Lewis revels in the near-victory

“How many times have we referred to anything as a classic, even a masterpiece, while its author believes it is hopelessly incomplete?” Sarah Lewis, an art historian, asks this question to remind us that we’re frequently better than we believe we are, and that striving for progress is often a good thing.

“We flourish when we remain at our own living edge,” she claims, citing a number of notable figures throughout history to back up her claim.

11.41 minutes of video

Sarah Lewis’s Twitter handle is @sarahelizalewis.

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13. Jonathan Fields advises businesses through narrating stories.

This film is particularly compelling since it opens with a wonderfully delivered personal narrative from Fields’ own life. “Less show, more soul,” he says, recalling some wonderful advice he got from a mentor, how he fought with it, and how he sees it used in the world of business today. It sends a strong statement about genuineness.

4.14 minutes of video

Jonathan Fields may be found on Twitter at @jonathanfields.

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14 and 15. Astronaut Alexander Gerst and cameraman Louie Schwartzberg show the earth’s beauty and interconnectedness.

Last but not least, I’ve saved the finest for last. These two videos are really two sides of the same coin, one with a perspective that few people ever get to see firsthand, the view of Earth from space, and the other with a cinematographer using imaging technology to show the incredible things happening around us on the surface of the earth that we can’t see with our naked eyes. Specifics on how Alexander Gerst created the space film may be found here; Schwartzberg provides some details throughout his presentation, but you can learn more here.

While these films aren’t full of business advice or success tales, they are thrilling and inventive ways to show how lovely the earth is and how interconnected we are as humans. Simple truths may sometimes be the most powerful of all, and these films are very inspirational.

Video 1 is 6.10 minutes long, while Video 2 is 7.23 minutes long.

Alexander Gerst’s Twitter handle is @Astro Alex.

@LouieFilms is Louie Schwartzberg’s Twitter handle.

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After seeing these films, do you feel inspired to take over the world? Have you created a motivational video of your own? Let us know on Twitter if you have any questions!


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